India’s Bowling Coach Paras Mhambrey Commends R Ashwin’s Team Spirit

Paras Mhambrey
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Paras Mhambrey: In a press conference ahead of India’s World Cup 2023 match against Bangladesh, India’s bowling coach, Paras Mhambrey, praised R Ashwin’s commitment to the team. Mhambrey lauded Ashwin’s professionalism, highlighting his willingness to accept team decisions without complaints. He emphasized the strength of India’s bowling attack.

Paras Mhambrey

Clear Communication with Players Regarding Team Selection

Mhambrey emphasized that the team management has consistently maintained clear and transparent communication with players regarding team selection. This approach ensures that players understand the rationale behind the decisions made.

Ashwin’s Last-Minute Inclusion in World Cup 2023 Squad

R Ashwin was included in India’s World Cup 2023 squad as a replacement for Axar Patel, who suffered an injury. Despite not featuring in ODIs for over a year, the team management, including head coach Rohit Sharma and Rahul Dravid, showed confidence in Ashwin’s experience and had him in their contingency plans.

Ashwin’s Role in World Cup 2023

Ashwin made his way into the playing XI for India’s first World Cup 2023 match against Australia, where he contributed with a wicket. However, he did not play in the subsequent matches against Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Team-Centric Decisions

Mhambrey stressed that the team’s decisions are always centered around what is best for the team, especially considering the pitch conditions and the required combination for a particular match. This approach sometimes leads to tough calls, such as not playing a world-class bowler like Ashwin, but it is necessary to maintain the team’s competitive edge.

Ashwin’s Positive Attitude

Mhambrey commended Ashwin’s unwavering commitment to the team, noting that he has never seen him express dissatisfaction or grumpiness over not being included in the playing XI. Ashwin’s dedication, hard work in practice sessions, and his focus on team success make him a valuable asset to the squad.

Mhambrey’s Experience with Ashwin

While Paras Mhambrey was not part of the team management when India left Ashwin out of the XI for four successive Tests in England in 2021, he was in charge when Ashwin did not find a place in the XI for the World Test Championship final at the Oval earlier in the year.

Difficult Decision to Exclude Mohammed Shami

Mhambrey also addressed the challenging decision to keep Mohammed Shami out of the XI, emphasizing that such choices are based on the specific conditions and required combinations for each match. Shami, despite his recent success in an ODI series against Australia, has not yet featured in the World Cup 2023 XI.

Transparency in Squad Selection

Mhambrey reiterated the importance of clear communication with players, ensuring that they understand the basis for squad selection and that difficult decisions may be made due to the unique requirements of each match.

Balancing Quality and Squad Size

Mhambrey acknowledged that excluding quality players like Shami and Ashwin can be a tough call, but with only 11 players allowed on the field, these decisions are essential to create the best possible team combination for success.

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