Understanding the Customs and Laws for visiting UAE

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In the era of digital, modern media plays an imminent role in everyone’s daily lives. Social Media Etiquette is essential. UAE allows freedom of speech and expression but still, certain etiquette needs to be followed. The UAE has specific rules and regulations regarding the correct usage of social media.

Obtaining proper Consent for Photos is essential. Before posting pictures of people online there is a need for permission. Breach of permissions is a criminal offense. Therefore, the violation of laws may result in penalties and hefty charges. The violator will be facing imprisonment for at least six months. 

A fine ranging from AED 150,000 to AED 500,000 is also imposed on the violator. As per UAE law, it is important to respect one’s privacy. Consent is essential before you post pictures, photos, or videos.

Sharing the Private Details without consent is not permitted. Sharing personal or confidential information without proper consent is illegal. It is unlawful as per the law. 

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The perpetrator will face punishment along with fines. The offenders can face temporary imprisonment and can go behind bars. Moreover, a fine ranging from AED 250,000 to AED 1,500,000 can also be imposed on the offender.

Spreading fake news and rumors is illegal. If anyone is engaged in gossip or spreading rumors it can result in legal trouble for the perpetrator.  It includes sharing offensive posts or anything to defame others. Besides, it can also lead to a heavy fine of AED 250,000.

FaceTime and VoIP Apps are restricted in UAE. The VoIP apps including Skype and WhatsApp are blocked. Therefore, anyone who attempts to bypass the limitations may face serious consequences. 

This can lead to imprisonment for at least one year. Alongside, a hefty fine of at least AED 250,000 is also imposed as a penalty. There are legal alternatives for VoIP calling services available in the UAE. 

Posting any kind of Offensive Content is not permitted in the country. Therefore, sharing any content that displays nudity, pornography, or drunkenness is against Islamic values. It is illegal to post such type of content on social media platforms. Additionally, it is accompanied by a substantial fine ranging from AED 250,000 to AED 500,000.

Respecting the Local Dress Codes and Culture is essential. UAE is strict with its laws while Dubai is mild. Still, it is crucial to respect and follow the local customs in shopping malls and conservative places especially.

Modest Dress is mandatory. Tourists and visitors are advised to dress up modestly.  Short dresses like swimwear are not allowed. It is only allowed at designated areas like the sea, beaches, waterparks, or swimming pools. It can be concluded that UAE officials strictly prohibit Nudity.

Wearing Emirati national attire without an appropriate invitation is not permissible. It is only allowed during a desert safari or specific events. Otherwise, it is seen as disrespectful and distasteful.

Respect and courtesy are significant when interacting with Emirati women. It is important to avoid staring, giving compliments, or prolonged eye contact with Emirati ladies.

It is not permitted for tourists to take photos of Emirati women except with their consent. Moreover, unwarranted physical contact is also considered disrespectful. These are termed as a sign of harassment. It can lead to an arrest. 

Therefore, during the holy month, it is essential to show respect to those fasting. It is highly offensive if anyone violates the customs. It is also unlawful as per the laws of the UAE.

Public displays of love and affection through intimacy are strictly forbidden in the country. any type of sexual activity in public areas is not allowed. 

Furthermore, visitors should be more cautious while involved in sexual activities outside of marriage. This can lead to extreme measures like prosecution, substantial fines, imprisonment, and even deportation if needed.

Visiting the UAE is an exhilarating, thrilling, and breathtaking experience. There are some responsibilities on the tourists to show respect to the local norms. By contributing to it, you can make your experience enjoyable and memorable for a lifetime.

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