Yuvraj: Rahul and Iyer Solution to India’s No.4 in World Cup

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Former Indian cricketer Yuvraj Singh recently shared his thoughts on India’s ongoing dilemma regarding the number 4 position in the batting order. Yuvraj emphasized the need for India to make a definitive choice between KL Rahul and Shreyas Iyer for this role, urging the team to refrain from frequent changes as the World Cup approaches. India has struggled to establish a consistent number 4 batsman over the years, often experimenting with different players due to issues related to poor form or injuries.

Presently, Shreyas Iyer appears to be the most suitable candidate for the number 4 slot, having played 22 innings and amassing 867 runs, including five half-centuries and two centuries, one of which was achieved against Australia in a previous series.

Yuvraj stressed the importance of stability, especially considering that both KL Rahul and Shreyas Iyer are returning from injuries. He recommended that India avoid constant alterations in the batting order and allow these players to regain their form and confidence.

In addition to addressing the number 4 conundrum, Yuvraj also offered advice to the team led by Rohit Sharma, encouraging them not to succumb to the pressure and expectations of winning the World Cup on home soil. He suggested that the team focus on playing according to the situation rather than feeling burdened by the weight of expectations.

Regarding the selection of the World Cup squad, Yuvraj Singh expressed surprise at the inclusion of R Ashwin due to Axar Patel’s injury. Ashwin had delivered an impressive performance against Australia in the first two ODIs, securing four wickets and earning his place in the World Cup squad. However, Yuvraj believed that India should have considered Washington Sundar as an alternative option.

During the 3rd ODI against Australia, when Ashwin was rested, Sundar was given an opportunity but failed to take any wickets. Nevertheless, he proved to be the most economical bowler, conceding only 48 runs. Sundar was also promoted to open the innings and scored 18 runs off 30 balls. Despite not being selected for the World Cup, Sundar joined the Indian team for the Asian Games in China.

Yuvraj Singh further mentioned that with Axar Patel unavailable, the team will need to determine who will bat at No. 7. He believed that Washington Sundar, if included in the squad instead of Axar Patel, would have provided an additional left-handed option. However, Sundar, along with Yuzvendra Chahal, was not selected for the World Cup. Nevertheless, Yuvraj expressed overall contentment with the squad’s composition, stating that the combination appeared to be suitable.

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