What April’s Total Solar Eclipse Means for Astrology

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The eclipse in April 2024 takes place in Aries, but an event as epic as a total solar eclipse has implications for every sun sign. Eclipse season is the ultimate cosmic shake-up. As the moon moves in front of the sun, you may find unexpected or upside-down developments in your own life as well. Psychic readings with crystals can help you prepare for the April eclipse individually, but here are a few of the biggest general predictions that apply to everyone.

The Power of Chiron

All eclipses are about the sun and moon, but some also involve other planets or planetary bodies on the astrology chart. This year’s total solar eclipse is conjunct with Chiron, a small planetoid body floating through the solar system.

Chiron’s nickname is the “wounded healer,” and in astrology, it’s associated with our earliest and deepest hurts. Many people fail to recognize the lasting impact seemingly “minor” childhood hurts have on our lives and our psyches as adults. Chiron represents these wounds and the capacity to heal them, as we are all both the wounded and the healer.

Combine Chiron’s soul-nourishing energy with Aries’ battering ram drive, and you have one major eclipse season on your hands. Every sign will get the opportunity to dig deep into their earliest wounds and learn how to finally move past them.

New Beginnings

All eclipses open paths in the cosmos to reflect, reconsider, change direction or start again. Eclipse season is a great time to try astrology psychic readings, as an experienced psychic can help you recognize the earliest signs that you should make a big change. Here are a few changes you may want to make around the time of the total solar eclipse.

Personal Health Resolutions

Changing your routine to involve more time for relaxation, exercise and other nourishing activities is one positive shift you can make this year. Aries’ determination will lend you the grit to commit.

Relationship Shifts

Many of us can make bigger changes in our personal and romantic relationships than we realize. Chiron’s presence can spotlight how deep inner wounds may be informing how we speak and relate to our loved ones. Try to make one major change in how you approach relationship problems, such as breathing and calming down before speaking, and you may see results.

Creative Risks

The new and unexpected doesn’t have to be frightening. Eclipse season opens portals to new realms of creativity and self-expression. Take risks in your art and draw from Chiron’s deep well of personal hurt and healing.

Time to Release

The new developments of the solar eclipse must balance out with letting go of things that are no longer serving you. The presence of Chiron, a planetary body that moves back and forth across the sky, can help you release whatever is necessary to accept the changes the eclipse brings your way.

Psychic readings for Aries can help this sign reflect and look inward, rather than moving forward with important baggage still unaddressed. Every sign should take inventory of beliefs, relationships and ideas that are no longer serving them.

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