Swati Maliwal Forced Entry into Arvind Kejriwal’s Home and Abused Me, Claims Bibhav Kuma

Swati Maliwal
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Bibhav Kumar, Arvind Kejriwal’s aide, has filed a counter-complaint in the Alleged Assault Case Against Swati Maliwal, alleging that the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) MP was “trying to falsely implicate” him in order to “create undue pressure”. He alleged that the former chairwoman of the Delhi Commission for Women attempted to “create a ruckus and assault” him when she “forcefully and unauthorisedly” entered the Delhi Chief Minister’s house on May 13. 

In a complaint submitted on Friday, Bibhav Kumar said that when Maliwal “forcefully and unlawfully trespassed into the premises” and gained unauthorised admission into Kejriwal’s apartment, she verbally attacked him and shouted, Swati Maliwal “Tumhari himmat kaise hui ek MP ko rokne ki. Tumhari aukat kya hain. (How dare you stop a Member of Parliament. “What is your status?”

Main Tujhe Dekh Lungi

“Main Tujhe Dekh Lungi… Main tujhe aise joothe case mein fasaungi ki tujhe zindagi bhar jail mei sadah dungi (I will involve you in a false case, and you will be imprisoned for the rest of your life),” she was cited as threatening the aide.

Kumar forwarded a copy of his complaint to the Deputy Commissioner of Police (North).

Swati Maliwal

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  1. Maliwal then forcibly entered the Chief Minister’s house, over security concerns. “Not only did she make false claims of having an appointment to gain entry, she forcefully and illegally trespassed into the premises,” the complaint stated.
  1. According to the complaint, Maliwal was then instructed to wait in the waiting room, which is located on the Chief Minister’s Residence campus but not in the main building where Kejriwal lives. However, she began cursing and shouting at the personnel, asking them to check with the AAP supremo about her meeting with him.
  1. About 20 minutes later, at 9 a.m., she departs the waiting room and storms inside Kejriwal’s primary house building. Bibhav Kumar was notified of Maliwal’s deeds, and he arrived at the main building at 9.22 a.m. to find Maliwal sitting in the drawing room.
  1. According to the complaint, when Bibhav Kumar “politely” asked her to follow the right procedure for seeing Kejriwal, she proceeded to yell and verbally insult him. However, Maliwal continued to ignore his repeated demands to follow protocol and “threatened him of dire consequences if he did not allow her to meet with the Chief Minister.” 
  1. Swati Maliwal then began strolling from the drawing room to the interior section of the property, at which point Bibhav Kumar “apprehended that her motives were suspect, and she intended to harm” Kejriwal, according to the complaint. In an attempt to prevent her from moving any farther, he stood in front of Maliwal, who pushed him and proceeded to sit on the sofa, dialing the Police Control Room number. She “started making blatantly false allegations” against Kumar.
  1. Bibhav Kumar again requested that Maliwal leave the premises. But she proceeded to viciously abuse him and raced towards him, pushing him. Kumar summoned security when she threatened to implicate him in a false case. She screamed, assaulted the employees, and finallyThe allegation stated that they departed the Chief Minister’s residence approximately 9.35 a.m.
  2. Bibhav Kumar asked the police to take harsh action in accordance with the law, claiming that “all of this may have been done at the behest of the BJP” when the Lok Sabha elections were still ongoing. “It is therefore requested that her call records, chats and interactions with BJP leaders should also be investigated.”
  3. On Friday evening, around 4.40 p.m., a team from the Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL) went to the Chief Minister’s residence to investigate. Officers from Delhi Police were also present throughout the investigation. The FSL personnel left the premises around 5.15 p.m. and returned almost an hour later with heavy equipment.
  1. A Delhi Police team and Swati Maliwal arrived at the Chief Minister’s house at 6.23 p.m. She left around 40 minutes later.
  2. A Delhi Police team departed Arvind Kejriwal’s residence early Saturday morning after conducting a “investigation and videography” of the premises.

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