Mohammed Shami Criticizes Controversial Comments by Former Pakistani Cricketers

Mohammed Shami
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After an exceptional performance in the recently concluded ODI World Cup, Indian pace bowler Mohammed Shami, the tournament’s highest wicket-taker with 24 scalps, spoke out against former Pakistani cricketers who made controversial comments to gain attention. Shami, who played a crucial role in India’s campaign after joining the playing XI due to Hardik Pandya’s injury, expressed his disappointment with the comments made by some former Pakistani players.

Outstanding World Cup Performance

Despite warming the bench for the initial league matches, Mohammed Shami showcased his prowess by taking three five-wicket hauls in seven matches, becoming the fastest to reach 50 wickets in ODI World Cups. However, India faced heartbreak in the final, losing to Australia by six wickets in Ahmedabad.

Disappointment with Controversial Comments

Shami specifically addressed the comments made by former Pakistan batter Hasan Raza, who suggested that Indian bowlers were provided a different ball. In response, Shami calmly stated, “Kuchh Pakistan players ko yeh baat hajam nahi ho rahi thi, mai kya karu” (some of the Pakistan players couldn’t digest it, so what can I do). He emphasized that he doesn’t feel any jealousy and encouraged others to enjoy the success of their peers.

Call for Sportsmanship

Expressing his views on the mindset of some Pakistani players, Shami remarked, “What they have in their mind is that ‘we are the best.’ Best woh hota hai jo time pe perform kare (one who performs when needed is the best).” He urged them to refrain from creating unnecessary controversies and focus on the game. Shami highlighted the importance of positive sportsmanship and suggested, “Sudhar jao yaar (start behaving).”

Wasim Akram’s Clarification

Shami pointed out that Pakistan’s fast-bowling legend Wasim Akram had also disapproved of Raza’s comments. Akram had explained the ball selection process in an interview, clarifying the umpires’ role in consultation with both teams. Shami supported Akram’s perspective, emphasizing the need for understanding and respect in the cricketing community.

Addressing Former Players

While acknowledging that he can be straightforward in his words, Shami insisted on calling out inappropriate comments. He concluded, “I accept that I can be a bit bitter with my words, but aisi cheez pe to bolna padega” (but have to call out such things). Shami’s response reflects a commitment to fair play and a call for responsible behavior within the cricketing fraternity.

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