Ishant Sharma’s Surprising Pick for ‘Best’ Captain!

'Best' Captain
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Two of India’s cricketing legends, MS Dhoni and Virat Kohli, both left a permanent imprint on the history of the sport in the country. Veteran fast bowler Ishant Sharma recently discussed the distinctions between the two captains in an interview with JioCinema, despite the fact that each of the two ‘Best’ Captains has his or her own special talents and leadership philosophies.

Dhoni’s Contribution:

In his opening statement, Ishant Sharma praised MS Dhoni for his vital services to Indian cricket. Numerous young players, like Ishant, had the chance to star on the world stage while Dhoni served as captain. Throughout his captaincy, Dhoni’s outstanding interpersonal abilities and capacity to develop bowlers stood out as a distinguishing quality. Ishant remarked that Dhoni had a talent for spotting the advantages and disadvantages of every bowler, personalising his message to suit each one’s requirements, and finally leaving Virat Kohli, his successor, with a polished bowling lineup.

Kohli’s Era of Completeness:

Ishant Sharma continued by pointing out that the Indian bowling attack attained a state of completion under Virat Kohli’s direction. He claimed that Kohli’s aggressive and outspoken captaincy approach was key in this change. With well defined responsibilities and Kohli’s unshakeable faith in their talents, the bowlers were able to play with assurance.

Transition Phase under Dhoni:

The Indian bowling unit was in a state of transition while Dhoni served as captain. Ishant Sharma noted that he was very inexperienced in international cricket at the time, along with veteran bowlers like Shami and Umesh Yadav. It is impossible to overstate Dhoni’s contribution to developing and guiding these young players. He mentored them during their early years, which in the end helped them succeed during the Kohli era.

Virat Kohli’s Aggression and Empowerment:

Virat Kohli was praised by Ishant Sharma for his aggression, emphasising that Kohli’s leadership style allowed bowlers to concentrate on getting wickets, even if it meant giving up some runs. The bowlers were inspired to think creatively and bravely by Kohli’s insistence on unconventional approaches.


Ishant Sharma believes that despite having distinct leadership philosophies, both MS Dhoni and Virat Kohli have made an irreplaceable impact on Indian cricket. The era of completeness and aggression that Kohli ushered in was made possible by Dhoni’s leadership and communication abilities. These two illustrious leaders each contributed in a special way to the development of Indian cricket, and future generations will remember what they did.

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