Delhi Congress Chief Resigns Over Alliance With AAP for The Lok Sabha Elections

Delhi Congress Chief Resigns
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Surprisingly, in an exchange of rights, Delhi Congress Chief Resigns Arvind Singh stepped down. The decision comes in the wake of the controversial alliance between the Congress Birthday Party and the Aam Aadmi Party for the 2018 Lok Sabha elections. The coalition seeking to consolidate anti-BJP support in Delhi has created a sharp rift in the Congress party.

Reasons for termination

Arvinder Singh said that deep differences of opinion and dissatisfaction among the sponsors of the birthday celebration was the main reason for the resignation. The choice to form an alliance with the AAP, a party with which the Congress has traditionally been at odds, proved to be a watershed moment for Singh and many other Delhi MLAs

Impact on Delhi politics:

The resignation of Arvind Singh has created a shock in Delhi politics. With just a few months to go before the Lok Sabha elections, this appointment highlights the sharp divisions in the Congress celebrations Furthermore, it gives the birthday party the order and power of the ruling party is a successful protest in the nationwide capital concerns arise.

Delhi Congress Chief Resigns

The alliance with AAP was seen as a strategy to try to counter the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) hegemony in Delhi. But now it has backfired, causing friction and loss of confidence among individuals celebrating birthdays.

Future of Delhi Parliament:

Delhi Congress Chief Resigns Arvind Singh’s leaves the business sense of the Delhi Congress at a critical juncture. The Birthday Party now has a mammoth task to improve and reshape its approach to the next election. Having lost its leader, the Delhi Congress wants to go for a path of introspection and reconciliation to resolve it

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