Airbnb vs. Hotel : Which is the Better Accommodation Option in Malta ?

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Malta reportedly attracts millions of tourists yearly. No wonder it has been nicknamed the Mediterranean gem. Malta’s rich history, impressive architecture, moderate climate, and clear waters have positioned it as one of the world’s best tourist destinations. The real estate market in Malta, like Sunscape Properties, has seen massive growth over the years because of the continued rise in the number of tourists visiting the country. 

Initially, tourists stayed in hotels, which made hotels dominant in Malta’s holiday destinations. However, the availability of alternative accommodation for tourists has resulted in a shift from hotel dominance. The popular alternative accommodation in Malta is known as Airbnb. To highlight the popularity of Airbnb accommodations, we will compare them with hotel accommodations. 

What is The Best Option Between Airbnb and Hotel ?

We have selected six different factors to get the better option via comparison. Let us compare both options based on the factors below :


The cost of a property is the most essential consideration for tourists looking for Sunscape Properties accommodations in Malta. Between Airbnb and hotels, when it comes to cost, hotels are usually expensive in the well-known parts of Malta. However, it is the opposite with AirBnB in Sliema
Airbnb offers users multiple cost options. So, if you are working with a budget, Airbnb will be the best option for you because it is economical. If high cost isn’t an obstacle, you can go for hotels. 

Local Experience and Authenticity

Authenticity and local experience are two basic factors tourists look for when visiting a new location. Airbnb allows tourists to enjoy the local culture because these accommodations are in residential areas, meaning you will interact with the locals in your neighborhood. 

Hotels on the other hand offer a more standardized model even though they cater for many tourists. Hotels can’t give you an authentic experience since you will be away from the locals. However, with Airbnb, you’ll be exposed to the Maltese people and even have the opportunity to try their cuisine. 

Services and Basic Amenities

Another key consideration for tourists regarding accommodation is basic amenities and services. Hotels have an edge here because even though Airbnb accommodations offer diversity, they lack a ton of basic amenities and services. Hotels, on the other hand, offer these amenities, including swimming pools, restaurants, fitness facilities, room service, and 24/7 customer service.

Additionally, hotels also excel in services like daily cleaning and concierge. Despite the huge difference between the two options regarding amenities and services, Airbnb accommodations offer kitchen facilities. This is a key consideration for tourists who prefer to cook their food. 

Space and Privacy

Airbnb listings are at an advantage when it comes to space and privacy. This option offers tourists standard properties, meaning you will have access to ample space and privacy. Most importantly, you will have independence. This is why tourists traveling as a family prefer Airbnb listings to hotels.
Generally, people who prefer large rooms and want to do things their way will prefer Airbnb. You can literally rent an entire mansion for short stay. Meanwhile, hotel rooms are smaller, meaning they may not be suitable for couples because of space. However, solo travelers prioritizing convenience over space can opt for hotel rooms. 


Airbnb listings fall short regarding location because they are scattered across the country. This means your chances of staying in top tourist destinations in Malta are limited when you choose Airbnb. However, hotels are strategically located. 
In most cases, hotels are located near top tourist destinations. Hotels not only give travelers access to the top tourist locations, but they also give them access to the most popular entertainment and restaurants in Malta. Airbnb offers the chance to see off-the-beaten-track spots.


Airbnb accommodations offer varying security models compared to hotels. Hotels are usually equipped with tighter security, including access cards, 24-hour surveillance cameras, and trained security personnel. 

On the other hand, not all Airbnb listings come with this type of security measures. The ones that do require a significant amount for daily rent. This doesn’t mean others are not secure they just may not have a high level of security like hotels. So, before deciding on the Airbnb listings to rent, check reviews from previous travelers. This will help you understand the security situation of the accommodation. 


Ultimately, the accommodation you choose when visiting Malta as a tourist will depend on your budget, preference, and travel needs. If you want something that offers a local experience, is budget-friendly, private, and independent, you can choose an Airbnb accomodation.

On the other hand, if you want an option with multiple services, luxury amenities, and on-demand customer service, hotels may be the ideal option. Of course, hotels will cost more, and you may not have the type of privacy that Airbnb Sunscape Properties offers.

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