A recent survey finds that fans are in favor of IPL franchises taking over world cricket

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Cricket has experienced a revolution in the past two decades. In 2003, no one expected that the first T20 match would have such a drastic effect on the sport. Pakistan, West Indies and Australia saw success when they started playing domestic matches in 2005 and 2006, for crowds capable of selling out venues. India’s victory at the inaugural T20 World Cup further fueled enthusiasm for this format; it gave rise to franchise-style cricket, which is now taking precedence over national boards.

In the CricBlog Future of Cricket survey, 68% of 1,000+ respondents believe IPL franchise owners will hold more power over cricket boards in the future. Complete the survey now!

Why could IPL franchises take over boards?

In the past, cricketers were solely reliant on their national board for income. Now, if they’re discontent, they have the option to move on and try their luck with franchise cricket. IPL owners have expressed a financial interest in teams across multiple leagues worldwide, including South Africa’s SA20 and West Indies’ CPL. Talks (at this point) involve hefty offers being made to English players to lessen or stop playing international cricket altogether in exchange for a US$5 million contract allowing them to compete in various T20 tournaments worldwide. If an owner desires a certain player to join different T20 league games instead of partaking in international matches, the Cricket Boards may be issued with an NOC.

Also, important for administrators, the media rights values associated with T20 cricket are so staggering that they’re practically swimming in cash due to the rapid growth of the format.

Traditionalists who value having the best talent in international cricket are facing a challenge due to the changing landscape of cricket. The future of One Day Internationals (ODIs) and Tests can be seen as being uncertain with T20 offering fans a quicker, more exciting product that caters to the public’s need for instant gratification. As demonstrated by a survey, 33.6% believe ODIs won’t last until 2037 while 52.4% picked out ODIs as the format they would most like to reduce scheduling pressures.


A recent survey indicates that fans are supportive of IPL franchises taking over world cricket. This suggests a growing enthusiasm and belief among fans in the capabilities and influence of these franchises on the global cricket stage. While the survey reflects the opinions of a specific group of fans, the ultimate trajectory and impact of IPL franchises on world cricket will depend on various factors, including the continued success of the IPL, the evolution of cricket governance, and the reception and acceptance of this idea by other stakeholders in the cricketing community.

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