World Test Championship (WTC): Origin, Format, Points System, Prize Money – All You Need To Know

World Test Championship
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The prestigious cricket competition known as the World Test Championship (WTC) is put on by the International Cricket Council (ICC). It was added to give Test cricket, the longest and most common form of the game, more meaning and context. This article will discuss the WTC’s history, its format, points system, and prize money, as well as a summary of everything you need to know about this exciting championship.


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Test cricket has always been regarded as the ultimate form of the game because it requires players to have exceptional skills, patience, and endurance. However, limited-overs cricket formats like One Day Internationals (ODIs) and Twenty20 Internationals (T20Is) have gained some ground over Test cricket in recent years. To revive and advance Test cricket, the ICC presented the World Test Title in 2019.

What is the WTC?

In a league-based format, the top nine nations that play Test cricket compete in the World Test Championship. The outcomes of the matches the teams play determine their points total. At the conclusion of the league phase, the two teams with the most points advance to the WTC Final, where they compete for the prestigious title of World Test Champions.

Origin of WTC

Before it happened in 2019, a Test championship had been talked about for a long time. Similar to how the ICC Cricket World Cup concludes ODIs, the goal was to give Test cricket a definitive conclusion. The WTC was designed to rekindle interest in Test cricket and instill a sense of purpose into each match played in the game’s longest format.

Evolution of Format

Since its inception, the WTC’s design has changed. It was initially planned to be a two-year cycle in which all nations that play Test cricket would compete in a home-and-away series. Be that as it may, because of planning imperatives and the Coronavirus pandemic, changes were made to the configuration, and a rate based focuses framework was acquainted with guarantee reasonableness.

Points System

The WTC’s points system is designed to reward both series and match victories. The number of points awarded to each series is then divided among the matches played. A team gets the most points if it wins, while a draw or a tie gives them equal points. Each team’s position in the WTC standings is determined by the points they earn.

Prize Money

In addition to the honor of being named World Test Champions, the winning team also receives a significant prize payout. To further encourage teams and players to perform at their best in Test cricket, the WTC prize money was introduced. The specific measure of the award cash differs from one release to another, and it is normally a huge total.

Participating Teams

The best nine Test-playing countries take part On the planet Test Title. Australia, Bangladesh, England, India, New Zealand, Pakistan, South Africa, Sri Lanka, the West Indies, and the West Indies are among these teams. Each group contends with the others, both at home and away, establishing a different and serious climate all through the title.

Teams Engage in ICC World Test Championship (WTC) 
1.       Australia  
2.       Bangladesh
3.       England
4.       India
5.       New Zealand
6.       Pakistan
7.       Sri Lanka
8.       South Africa
9.       West Indies

Venue and Schedule

The WTC matches’ schedule and venues are decided well in advance. Because the matches are held in different countries, cricket fans from all over the world can watch the action live. The schedule is carefully planned to provide teams with equal opportunities to demonstrate their skills and to ensure an equitable distribution of matches.

Key Players

Top cricketers from all over the world have put in some extraordinary performances during the World Test Championship. Joe Root, Kane Williamson, Steve Smith, Virat Kohli, and others have all contributed significantly to their teams’ success during the championship. These central participants bring their experience, expertise, and initiative to have a tremendous effect on the result of matches.

Previous Editions

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The debut version of the World Test Title occurred from 2019 to 2021. India and New Zealand emerged as the top two teams to qualify for the WTC Final, despite intense competition among the participating teams. In a thrilling match, New Zealand defeated India to become the first-ever World Test Champions.

WTC Final

The championship’s pinnacle is the WTC Final, in which the two best teams compete for supremacy. The last is an independent match held at an impartial setting, guaranteeing a fair and unprejudiced challenge. It is a highly anticipated event that draws cricket fans from all over the world and showcases the very best of Test cricket.

WTC Trophy - Lords Wont host WTC Final


The World Test Title has effectively carried recharged fervor and significance to Test cricket. It has given fans and players motivation to love and praise the longest configuration of the game. The WTC has become a significant milestone in international cricket with its distinctive format, points system, and prestigious title, fostering a sense of passion and competitiveness among the participating teams.

How often is the World Test Championship held?

The World Test Championship is held in a cycle of every four years, giving teams sufficient time to compete and qualify for the final.

Can a team qualify for the WTC Final without winning all their matches?

Yes, a team can qualify for the WTC Final based on the points earned throughout the league phase, even if they haven’t won all their matches.

How is the venue for the WTC Final decided?

The venue for the WTC Final is determined by the ICC, considering various factors such as pitch conditions, fan accessibility, and logistical aspects.

Is the World Test Championship broadcasted globally?

Yes, the World Test Championship matches are broadcasted globally, allowing fans from around the world to follow the action.

Can a team participate in the WTC if they are not a full member of the ICC?

No, only the nine Test-playing nations that are full members of the ICC are eligible to participate in the World Test Championship.

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