What Are All The Different Types Of Cricket Matches?

What Are All The Different Types Of Cricket Matches?
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Different Types Of Cricket Matches : As far as I can tell, one of the most complicated parts of cricket for beginners to comprehend is the various kinds of matches that are all played. On the off chance that you turned up in Ahmedabad for the IPL last in May, you’d watch a speedy, vivid, going after game that would be done surprisingly fast. On the off chance that you, checked out the main morning of a test match at Lords in June you would promptly be struck by the more customary white garbs, the saved styles of play and the length of the matches – normally enduring 5 days.

These distinctions emerge from the way that the game of cricket has various kinds of matches included inside it. To add to this, the sorts of matches played at worldwide, homegrown and establishment level are likewise unique! In this post I’ll jump into each degree of cricket and make sense of the kinds of matches that are all included inside it, making sense of how long each match generally is and the way in which long an innings is. We’ll likewise check out at probably the most well known players from each organization! Before we get everything rolling however, permit me to sum up the primary focus point from this post rapidly…

What are each of the various sorts of cricket matches?

At worldwide level there are three distinct kinds of matches that are played, these are:

Test Matches – enduring a limit of 5 days
One Day Internationals (Odi’s) – with 50 overs for every side
T20 Internationals (T20i’s) – with 20 overs for every side

At homegrown/establishment/club level, the fundamental sorts of cricket matches that are played are the accompanying:

Four Day Games
50 Over Matches (per side)
40 Over Matches (per side)
30 Over Matches (per side)
20 Over Matches (per side)
10 Over Matches (per side)
Hundred Ball Cricket (per side)
Commencement Cricket – Played at junior level
Kwik Cricket – Played at junior level

Some cricket matches are just played casually, like in the road or in a back garden. Here are a portion of those:

Chasm Cricket
Consistent Cricket
Tape Ball Cricket

I’ll currently take you through every one of these types of cricket independently so we can see what makes them exceptional and the stuff to win them!

Global Level

Test Matches

Test matches are the most customary type of cricket, with the primary authority one being played by England and Australia at the MCG in 1877. They are played in conventional white cricket clothing (click here if you need to know the motivation behind why) and with a red cricket ball

A test match can last a limit of 5 days, each being 90 overs long. In any case, this has changed at different places ever. For instance, at specific times throughout the entire existence of cricket test matches were ‘immortal’ – implying that the players would keep playing until a not set in stone, regardless of how long that required!

England’s recent test match kit

The two groups partaking in the game are permitted to bat two times, and there is no genuine cutoff on how long a batting innings can be. The triumphant group should excuse the rival group two times by taking 20 wickets in the match (10 in every innings), and they will likewise have to guarantee that they’ve scored a bigger number of runs than the resistance. For instance, envision that England were batting first in a test match against Australia and scored 350 in their most memorable innings. Australia then, at that point, batted in their most memorable innings and scored 300. Right now in the match, England would have a first innings lead of 50 runs. Britain then bat again in their subsequent innings, scoring 250. This subsequent innings all out provides them with a lead of 300 runs in the match. Australia presently need to score 300 hurries to dominate the match in the last innings. In the event that Australia score the runs, they win. Assuming England bowl them out before that occurs, they dominate the match!

Probably the best test match sides to play the game are the Australian side of the 1990’s and mid 2000’s, as well as the West Indian groups from the last part of the 1970’s and 80’s. Both of these groups had supported times of predominance and made any remaining global groups bow before them. They additionally included a portion of the game’s most unmistakable people – bowlers like Michael Holding and Shane Warne, and batsmen like Steve Waugh and Viv Richards!

The batsman with the most runs at test level is Sachin Tendulkar, who scored a mammoth 15,921 runs in the 200 tests that he played. The bowler with the most wickets is the incomparable Sri Lankan secret spinner Muttiah Muralitharan, who took 800 wickets in 133 games.

One Day Internationals (ODI’s)

One day global matches were the second organization to turn out to be broadly acknowledged at worldwide level, with the first being played between England and Australia in 1971. This game was initially expected to be a test match, yet seeing as the initial 3 days of the game were cleaned out by terrible climate, the choice was taken to transform the game into a one day game all things considered! The primary ODI world cup was played in 1975, however it was Kerry Packer’s ‘Worldwide championship Cricket’ that truly promoted the configuration in the last part of the 1970’s and set one day internationals on the way they have followed to the current day.

These matches are played in hued clothing like you can find in the photograph underneath. They’re likewise played with a white cricket ball rather than the conventional red one. The white ball is utilized on the grounds that it is significantly more noticeable.

image 1
One of Australia’s classic green and gold ODI kits

One day internationals are played (as you might have speculated) throughout a solitary day. In these games, the two groups are permitted to bat once for a limit of 50 overs (300 balls). When the batting innings has closed for the two groups, whichever group scored the most runs will dominate the game.

For instance, envision Sri Lanka were playing the West Indies in an ODI game. Sri Lanka win the throw and bat first, figuring out how to score a sum of 330/7 toward the finish of their 50 overs. Presently, the West Indies should score 331 preceding their innings closes to dominate the match. West Indies figure out how to score 300/10 off 45 overs, implying that they lose the game. Likewise, on the grounds that the West Indies lost each of the 10 of their wickets, they didn’t figure out how to bat for their full designation of overs. All things considered, they just oversaw 45!

One day internationals are believed to be an extremely engaging type of cricket and thus they consistently assemble huge groups. Swarms like to see huge sums and a lot of limits being hit! To make them really engaging, ‘powerplays’ were brought into these kinds of matches. Powerplays essentially limit where defenders are permitted to remain at specific times during a game to make it more straightforward for the players to score.

My #1 ODI batsman to watch since I’ve been keen on cricket has without a doubt been AB de Villiers, nonetheless, watching the England batting setup starting around 2015 has been a treat as well! As far as bowlers, Dale Steyn was dependably one of my top picks to watch here of the game!

T20 Internationals (T20I’s)

T20 internationals are the latest expansion to worldwide cricket, with the primary ladies’ match being played in 2004 and the principal men’s match being played in mid 2005. The arrangement has expanded in notoriety from that point forward, with ordinary T20 world cups being played like clockwork. These matches are likewise played in shaded packs, as well similarly as with a white cricket ball.

image 2
Jos Buttler wearing one of England’s recent T20I kits

T20 internationals are played throughout a solitary day and permit each group to bat once, very much like one day internationals. The key distinction is that the length of a batting innings in T20 internationals is only 20 overs, or 120 balls. When the two groups have batted, the triumphant group will be the one which scored the most runs. Thus, for instance, in the event that India scored a sum of 190 runs in their 20 over innings, and England pursued this down before their overs passed, scoring 191 out of 19 overs, England would dominate this game with one over in excess.

Powerplays are likewise utilized in T20 internationals to advance limit hitting toward the beginning of an innings. Accordingly, it’s standard for groups to have their most disastrous players at the highest point of the request where they can cause the most harm while most of defenders are inside the 30-yard circle. These kinds of matches highlight crickets most hazardous gifts, and accordingly it’s not unexpected to see players hitting at strike rates well more than 100 while the game’s most prudent bowlers endeavor to dial them back.

If you have any desire to see tip top T20 players like Jos Buttler taking on the best T20 bowlers like Jasprit Bumrah, Rashid Khan or Sunil Narine – then, at that point, T20 internationals are dependably worth watching!

Domestic/Franchise/Club Level

Four Day Games

Multi day matches are one of the most famous sorts of cricket played at region/state level. In England, these sorts of games are played by region groups like Yorkshire or Lancashire. In Australia, they’re played by state groups like Queensland or New South Wales, and in nations like India they’re played by groups like Mumbai or Gujarat.

These matches are played in fundamentally the same as ways to test matches, with the exception of they keep going for a limit of 4 days as opposed to 5!

As you might have speculated, the two groups partaking in the game are permitted to bat two times, with no restriction on how much time an innings can endure. To dominate the match, a group should bowl the resistance out two times while guaranteeing that their own group has scored the most runs in the match!

I observe a lot of multi day region cricket, particularly now that all of the English district groups live transfer their games onto youtube! I’m a Yorkshire fan yet as of late a portion of my #1 multi day province players to watch have been David Bedingham, Simon Harmer and obviously ex-England skipper Alastair Cook!

image 3
David Bedingham has been one of the stars of four day cricket in England in recent years

50 Over Matches (Per Side)

Many cricket clubs, whether they be proficient or novice, will be partaking in a rivalry where games are played in one day and each group is given a limit of 50 overs to bat. These are by and large alluded to as 50 over matches! At an expert level, English region sides right now participate in the Royal London One Day Cup, in which the games are all 50 overs for each side. Australian state sides have the One Day Cup, which highlights matches of a similar length!

These kinds of games are played in the very same manner as One Day Internationals. One group will bat first and attempt to score the most that they can off their designation of 50 overs. Then, at that point, the other group will bat and attempt to take down the score posted by the group who batted first. Assuming they are bowled out prior to scoring that aggregate, or on the other hand assuming that the 50 overs slip by before that occurs, the group that batted first will dominate the match.

These matches generally last around 6 hours, so in the event that you’re playing in one or watching one, be ready to place in a long shift!

40 Over Matches (Per Side)

40 over matches are substantially more typical in club cricket than in proficient cricket, yet different nations have had 40 over contests as a feature of their homegrown timetable over the most recent few decades. In the UK, I recall the Pro40 and the YB40 rivalries being broadcast something like quite a while back. Those rivalries didn’t keep going long – however they offered open doors for a great deal of youthful players that were expecting to break into their region first groups!

image 4
Nottinghamshire won the English county 40 over competition in 2013

As you might have speculated, 40 over matches are played throughout one day, and they’re won in the very same way that ODI’s and 50 over matches are won. The group batting first will attempt to score whatever number runs as could reasonably be expected in 40 overs, then the group batting second will attempt to pursue down that score. On the off chance that they succeed, they win. On the off chance that they don’t arrive, they will lose.

As T20 cricket kept on prospering in the district game, the ubiquity of 40 over matches between the English province sides declined fundamentally, and this is most likely the explanation they were in the long run rejected! Notwithstanding, as I referenced prior, you’re probably going to see 40 over matches being played by novice club sides all over the country on an end of the week!

30 Over Matches (Per Side)

It’s intriguing that you see 30 over matches being played at proficient level, however they are exceptionally normal at beginner level because of the way that they don’t require some investment to finish. These games can typically be enveloped with a little more than 4 hours, so on the off chance that you’re playing in one on an end of the week you ought to be finished by mid-evening!

30 over matches have one innings for every group, and by and by the triumphant group will be the one that has scored the most runs toward the finish of their innings. For instance, if group A scores 200 runs from their 30 overs, and group B closes on 195 once their 30 overs have slipped by, group A will dominate the match.

20 Over Matches (Per Side)

20 over matches (otherwise called T20’s) are one of the most well-known and energizing types of cricket to watch and participate in. Subsequently, you’ll find cricket clubs (both novice and expert) all around the world playing these kinds of games consistently!

In homegrown/establishment cricket, competitions, for example, the Vitality Blast in the UK, the IPL in India, the PSL in Pakistan and the BBL in Australia all element 20 over matches, and these are the absolute most well known cricket associations on the planet – attracting monstrous quantities of watchers from all sides of the globe.

image 5
The Mumbai Indians in one of their iconic IPL kits

A 20 over game is played in the very same manner that a T20 International is played. A game as a rule endures a little more than 3 hours and incorporates a 20 over lengthy batting innings for each group. Each group will attempt to score however many runs as could be expected under the circumstances from their 20 overs, and the triumphant group will be the one that winds up with the most noteworthy score after the two innings have been finished!

I watch a great deal of 20 over cricket, especially in the IPL and the Vitality Blast, and to tell the truth there’s nothing I love more than watching the world’s best opening hitters put on an act in the powerplay. Jos Buttler was totally astonishing at this in the 2022 IPL, and he’s been one of my top choices for quite a long time. I love Ishan Kishan, and consistently ensure I check out watch the Mumbai Indians while he will be opening close by Rohit! There are such countless players to gain from by watching these games, so I’d suggest watching them assuming you’ve never attempted it!

10 Over Matches (Per Side)

10 over matches are one of the most up to date organizations of cricket to arise on the world stage, with different T10 associations arising in nations like Abu Dhabi. These games are unbelievably going after because of the predetermined number of balls, and in this manner players will be significantly more forceful than they normally are in 20 over cricket! These associations draw in a ton of top quality cricketers, with players like Liam Livingstone, Moeen Ali, Dwayne Bravo and Wahab Riaz addressing T10 sides in late seasons. In spite of the fact that I’ve not actually run over this arrangement of cricket being played at club level in the UK – I’m certain it will be played some place!

In the event that you’ve been focusing on this post up until this point, I’m certain you’ll have seen there’s a theme arising with how these kinds of games are dominated! 10 over matches are the same. In these games each group has the valuable chance to bat for a limit of 10 overs (60 balls), and the triumphant side will be the one that scored the most runs once their innings is finished! These games just last around an hour and a half altogether, so don’t spend an excessively long time in the line for the bar or making an espresso in the kitchen or you could miss them!

In the event that you extravagant observing exactly 10 over cricket, I’d suggest looking at the Abu Dhabi T10 association while it’s being played. That was first experience with the configuration and it was consistently a decent watch!

Hundred Ball Cricket (Per Side)

100 ball cricket is the most up to date sort of cricket match that has been promoted, to a great extent because of the pristine competition in the UK which is suitably named – The Hundred. This competition is played during the UK summer and dubiously doesn’t highlight any of the UK province groups like Yorkshire, Surrey or Essex. All things being equal, it is played by city-based establishment groups like the Manchester Originals and the London Spirit in the best arenas in the country.

One more questionable thing around 100 ball cricket is that it changes the actual design of the game. Each and every other cricket match that I’ve covered here depends on the utilization of ‘overs’ – an over being 6 back to back balls bowled by a similar bowler. Nonetheless, 100 ball cricket changes that and doesn’t utilize ‘overs’ by any means. All things being equal, it permits bowlers to decide to bowl ‘sets’ of 5 or 10 balls all at once. The greatest number of balls that can be bowled by one bowler in an innings is 20. Along these lines, they could decide to bowl this in 4 arrangements of 5 conveyances, or 2 arrangements of 10, or in the middle between that.

As you might have speculated, a round of 100 ball cricket permits each group to bat for a limit of 100 balls. The triumphant group will be the one that scores the most runs from their 100 balls! These games are generally finished inside around 2 hours, which is viewed as being key for attracting more easygoing cricket fans and novices to the game.

Presently, The Hundred competition in the UK is the main competition that includes this style of cricket – so assuming you don’t have anything to watch during the UK cricket summer I’d suggest giving it a watch. It takes a short time to become acclimated to yet it includes the very skilful bowling and the very enormous hitting that you can see in different types of cricket – so assuming you honestly love those things I’m certain you’ll appreciate it!

Commencement Cricket – Played at Junior Level

Commencement cricket is a straightforward variant of cricket that is most frequently played by kids. In this adaptation of the game, the quantity of balls that are left in the innings are ‘counted down’ as opposed to the next way like in typical cricket. In this way, for instance, in the event that a round of commencement cricket has 60 balls for each batting group to confront, the quantity of balls will begin at 60 and be counted in reverse until there are zero balls remaining. This assists youngsters with monitoring the game! The group that scores the most runs toward the finish of their batting innings will dominate the match.

Southern Brave
Tymal Mills and the Southern Brave were the inaugral champions of The Hundred in 2021

Other than the slight rule change about ‘counting down’ the quantity of balls, commencement cricket is played likewise to numerous different types of cricket. A bowler will convey an over of 6 balls while two players intend to score whatever number runs as could be expected under the circumstances. Some commencement cricket matches may force their own principles, for example, hitters resigning on the off chance that they arrive at 20 runs, so there can be variety concerning what these games really resemble contingent upon where they’re being played.

Kwik Cricket – Played at Junior Level

Kwik cricket is one more organization of the game that is principally played by youthful cricketers, with the point being to give delight, opportunity and fair play for all players. In this game, each group has a group of 8 players. There are two arrangements of wickets, normally positioned 15 yards separated for players younger than 9, and 17 yards separated for players matured 9-11.

The batting group should partition themselves into 4 sets, and each pair is permitted to bat for a limit of 2 overs (12 balls). Another pair will supplant the past pair toward the finish of the second, fourth and 6th overs.

Each group begins the coordinate with a score of 200 runs, and the objective is to add whatever number rushes to that complete as could be expected under the circumstances inside the 8 overs that you bat. In the event that a player is given out, five runs are deducted from the aggregate and the other hitter from the pair should confront the following conveyance. For the bowling crew, every one of the 8 players should astound an, bowling overarm where conceivable.

The group with the most noteworthy score at the finish of their 8 overs will be the champ. On the off chance that the game finishes as a tie, the group that took more wickets would be the victor!

Casual/Recreational Cricket

Gorge Cricket

Gorge cricket is a type of the game that can be played anyplace, by anybody of all ages. It can likewise be alluded to as road cricket, ocean side cricket, back yard cricket contingent upon where it is being played. Nonetheless, gorge cricket is the name most normally utilized in India.

There are no set standards for this type of cricket, and subsequently numerous parts of it are made do, including the playing conditions themselves, the playing surface, the hardware utilized and the group sizes. You’ll frequently see unusual standards set up, for example, ‘hit a six and you’re out’, and you’ll likewise generally see peculiar items being utilized as wickets, like boxes or receptacles/garbage bins. These casual playing conditions make this kind of cricket entirely open to all individuals.

Frequently, this kind of cricket is played exclusively. This implies that each hitter will contend to score however many runs as they can before they get out, while the other players stand in the field and alternate bowling. This was the sort of cricket that I went through years playing in my back garden before I worked up the determination to join a club side – and it is an extraordinary presentation into the game for any player! On the off chance that you’re hoping to engage in the game, this is an extraordinary spot to begin!

Persistent Cricket

This is one more type of cricket that I used to play a ton as a small child – especially at school! It’s perfect for giving cricket beginners a sample of the game, while not permitting prepared cricketers to beat them too fundamentally!

Persistent cricket can be played by anybody of all ages on a wide range of surfaces. All you want to play it is two groups of players, a cricket bat, a ball that is suitable for the surface you’re playing on and a bunch of stumps. You may likewise require a couple of cones or things that you can use to stamp a region on the floor.

To begin the game, one player from the batting side should be chosen to bat first. The player will remain before the stumps, and the bowler will remain inverse them a couple of meters away. Two cones ought to be put to the left and right of the stumps, roughly 5 meters away. These are the cones that the hitter will run toward while attempting to score runs. The remainder of the batting group will stand away from the field of play, while the remainder of the handling group will orchestrate themselves in places to field and catch the ball.

When everybody is ready, the bowler will toss the ball underarm towards the player, who will endeavor to hit it. Regardless of whether they hit the ball, the player needs to hurry to the cone and afterward back to the stumps as quick as possible. On the off chance that they hit the ball far, they will run between the cone and the stumps a few times to score numerous runs.

The defenders will be attempting to return the ball once again to the bowler as quick as could really be expected, in light of the fact that the bowler is permitted to bowl the following ball regardless of whether the hitter has not gotten back to the stumps! Assuming the hitter raises a ruckus around town in the air and gets found out, or on the other hand in the event that the bowler stirs things up around town, the player will be out and will be supplanted by the following hitter in line. The quantity of runs that they scored will be recorded and added to the group absolute. The group with the greatest number of runs will win!

Tape Ball Cricket

Tape ball cricket is a type of cricket that is (you got it) played with a tennis ball that is shrouded in electrical tape. This sort of sporting cricket is especially well known in the sub-mainland in nations like Pakistan, where you’ll consistently find kids playing it in parks and in the road!

The principles of tape ball cricket won’t be permanently established, with different gatherings of players deciding to utilize various guidelines. In any case, the fundamental distinction with regards to this type of the game is the way of behaving of the ball and the difficulties that it presents. For instance, a typical tennis ball will dial back a lot when it connects with the ground, yet a tape ball will slide on – giving a test to the hitters!

A few players will decide to just put tape on portion of the ball, which makes it much more testing to bat against. Doing this will make the ball swing toward the tape, which gives the bowler a major benefit!


Much thanks to you for perusing! Ideally you feel like this post has given you all of the data you really want about the various kinds of cricket matches that exist. Clearly, there might be some more specialty types of cricket that aren’t viewed as much around the world that I haven’t covered here, yet I thoroughly consider I’ve gone the ones that you’re all liable to experience!

I for one got snared on test cricket as a youthful fellow, so that will constantly address the zenith of the game for me. There’s nothing very like watching an amazing test match like Headingley 2019 or Edgbaston 2005 – the two of which I’m exceptionally lucky to have seen. Notwithstanding, restricted overs types of cricket like ODI’s and T20’s enticement for me hugely as well, and they’re an extraordinary scaffold between the more easygoing cricket fan and the cricket frantic people that can be found in participation at the test matches!

On the off chance that you’ve quite recently begun watching the game, or perhaps began playing it, there are a lot of posts that will intrigue you here on Cricketer’s Hub. Investigate and I’m certain you’ll find something significant!

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