The wives of these 5 famous Indian players are more famous than their partners! One is the queen of social media

Virat Kohli-Anushka Sharma
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The players of the Indian team are very popular among their fans. In such a situation, the wives of some players are also very popular on social media. Some because of their beauty and some because of their dance give a tough competition to their husbands in popularity on social media. Some are Bollywood actress and some are sports anchors. So let’s know today about the wives of Indian cricket players who beat their husbands in terms of popularity.

1. Dhanshree Verma

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Yuzvendra Chahal, the young spinner of the Indian team, married Dhanashree Verma in the year 2020. Dhanashree is a doctor by profession who has studied from Dental College in 2014. Along with this, he is also a choreographer and YouTuber. The video of his dance on Instagram keeps becoming quite viral. She also runs her own dance class in Mumbai. He is a hip-hop dancer and is followed by more than 4.2 million people on Instagram. He has 2.16 million followers on YouTube. Not only this, Dhanashree is the queen of fans’ hearts.

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