The daughter of WWE legend The Rock made a stellar debut, stunned the fans and joined the big festival

WWE दिग्गज द रॉक की बेटी का डेब्यू हुआ
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The Rock and Ava Rain: The daughter of WWE legend The Rock finally got to see the debut. In fact, Ava Raine appeared in an episode of NXT and has ventured into The Schism Faction. Let us tell you that Ava is not showing herself as The Rock’s daughter. She is trying to make her own identity.

The Rock’s daughter Ava Rann debuts in WWE NXT

In the last few episodes of NXT, Joe Gacy was talking about adding a new member to his faction. In some segments, a mystery superstar was visible and he was supporting Gacy. There was a question in everyone’s mind that who is this after all and later everyone got a big surprise.

Let us tell you that in the episode of NXT, Joe Gacy came to the ring with his teammates and there was also a person in a red hoodie with him. Later he took off the mask and then came to know that he is actually Aiva Rain. She is the fourth and only female superstar of this faction. Fans were waiting for Aiva’s debut for a long time and finally everyone’s wish came true. WWE certainly surprised the fans.

WWE has shown him as powerful as he came. Let us tell you that Raine said that The Schism is his new family. She has indicated from here that she has in fact separated from the Samoan family and is deciding to make her own legacy. His real name is Simone Johnson and The Rock has also talked about his daughter coming to WWE several times.

The Rock was known for his tremendous character and mic skills. He was considered the megastar of WWE and it is expected that his daughter will follow the same path. Let us tell you that Gacy created this fact a few months ago by adding members of Grizzled Young Veterans to him. Now he has also added Aiwa Ran to this group.

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