The current champion of WWE had to go against the decision of Roman Reigns, got knocked out by one punch in the main event

jey uso logan paul knockout smackdown
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Jey UsoRoman Reigns and Logan Paul’s feud in WWE began when the Tribal Chief made an appearance on Logan’s Impaulsive podcast, and over the past few weeks, their rivalries have gotten deeper.

After that both the superstars have been taunting each other. Meanwhile, the current Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champion Jay Uso has proved to be The Bloodline’s weak link over the past few weeks and on a recent episode of SmackDown the YouTube star made him feel his power by knocking him out in just one punch.

While cutting the promo on SmackDown, Logan Paul said that even though fans are doubting his skills, he has always been underestimated. Despite this, he has achieved a lot of success in his life.

He further added that he may not have Paul Heyman and 2-3 teammates for security, but he has the passion to reach the top. He admitted that he is the underdog here, but one move is enough to win.

Sami Zayn Knocked Out Jay Uso In WWE SmackDown

The Usos and Sami Zayn helped Solo Sequoia win on SmackDown. At the same time, in a backstage segment, Jay Uso said that after teaching Sheamus a lesson, his next target would be Logan Paul, but Zayn reminded him that Roman Reigns refused to do so.

Zane said that he doesn’t want anyone to feel that the Bloodline members are upset because of Logan Paul. While Logan was cutting a promo in the main event segment, Jay Uso attacked the YouTube star from behind, ignoring Zayn’s words.

Zane tried to stop Je Uso, but when he came forward to attack Logan again, the YouTube star knocked him down with a punch. Now it will be interesting to see how Roman Reigns handles this matter.

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