Tata IPL 2023: affluent X-factor players of all the teams

In cricket, the term “X-factor player” refers to a player who can change the course of a game single-handedly. These players possess a unique skill set that sets them apart from the rest of the team, and they are often game-changers in high-pressure situations. These players are not only capable of delivering match-winning performances but also bring a sense of excitement and unpredictability to the game. X-factor players can be the difference between winning and losing and are often the most valuable players on any team. Here we have a list of players who are X-factors for their teams in Tata IPL 2023.

IPL auction 2023: top 5 remarkable players, who forced teams to shatter their banks

The IPL auction 2023 was just a squeaker, where we saw a lot of players getting sold and some passed without getting any bidders for them. In this auction, we got two most expensive players in the history of IPL, before the auction South African all-rounder Chris Morris was the most expensive player in history but Sam Curran and Cameron Green now replaced him on the same day followed by Ben Stokes who equals the place with Chris Morris at 16.25 crores.