Royal Challengers Bangalore unveil brand new logo ahead of Women’s Premier League

Royal Challengers Bangalore unveil brand new logo ahead of Women's Premier League
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In an exciting development for cricket enthusiasts and fans of women’s cricket, the Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) franchise has unveiled a brand new logo ahead of the highly anticipated Women’s Premier League (WPL). With a strong emphasis on empowering women in sports and promoting gender equality, the new logo embodies the essence of RCB’s commitment to uplifting women’s cricket and fostering a vibrant cricketing culture.

A Symbol of Empowerment:

The new logo represents a significant step forward in RCB’s efforts to promote women’s cricket and strengthen their commitment to the game. Designed with a perfect blend of grace and determination, the logo reflects the essence of women’s cricket – a sport that has witnessed remarkable growth and has carved a niche for itself on the global stage.

The Elements of the Logo:

  1. The Royal Emblem: The centerpiece of the logo features the iconic royal emblem, symbolizing the heritage and grandeur of the Royal Challengers franchise. The elegant design pays homage to the team’s legacy while embracing the progressive vision for women’s cricket.
  2. The Lioness: Embodying strength, courage, and leadership, a majestic lioness stands tall alongside the royal emblem. The lioness, with its fierce gaze, exemplifies the determination and passion that women cricketers bring to the game.
  3. The Cricket Ball: In the foreground of the logo lies a cricket ball, signifying the core essence of the sport. The ball reminds us of the relentless pursuit of excellence and the spirit of competition that drives the players to achieve greatness.
  4. The Purple and Red Blend: The logo’s color palette of purple and red perfectly complements the fiery spirit of cricket, symbolizing the intense passion and determination exhibited by the players on the field.

Empowering Women in Cricket:

The launch of the new logo is not just a cosmetic change for RCB; it is a statement of intent. The franchise has been actively working to promote women’s cricket and create a nurturing environment where talented players can showcase their skills. The Women’s Premier League is a testament to RCB’s commitment to giving women cricketers a platform to shine and inspire the next generation.

RCB’s Initiative for Grassroots Development:

Alongside the WPL, RCB has initiated various grassroots development programs to identify and nurture young talent in women’s cricket. These initiatives aim to provide equal opportunities to aspiring players, helping them grow in their cricketing journey. By fostering an inclusive and supportive environment, RCB hopes to contribute significantly to the growth and recognition of women’s cricket in India and beyond.


The unveiling of the new logo by Royal Challengers Bangalore ahead of the Women’s Premier League is a significant milestone for women’s cricket and a testament to RCB’s commitment to promoting gender equality in sports. The logo’s elegant design, coupled with its empowering symbolism, reflects the essence of women’s cricket and the passion with which the players approach the game. As fans eagerly await the Women’s Premier League, it is heartening to witness franchises like RCB taking proactive steps to empower women in cricket and contribute to the overall development of the sport. You can get for yourself from here

“Breaking boundaries, making historical past, and enjoying daring! Royal Challengers Bangalore are the proud homeowners of the Bengaluru Ladies’s Premier League Crew,” the franchise tweet

Notably, the franchise spent INR 901 crore in an effort to personal and function a staff within the new league. In the meantime, the Adani Group spent INR 1289 crore for the Ahmedabad franchise, Mumbai Indians acquired a staff for INR 912 crore, JSW has acquired the Delhi staff for INR 810 crore and Capri International acquired the Lucknow franchise for INR 757 crore.

“In the present day is a historic day in cricket because the bidding for groups of inaugural #WIPL broke the data of the inaugural Males’s IPL in 2008! Congratulations to the winners as we garnered Rs. 4669.99 Cr in complete bid,” BCCI secretary Jay Shah wrote on Twitter.

“This marks the start of a revolution in girls’s cricket and paves the best way for a transformative journey forward not just for our girls cricketers however for the complete sports activities fraternity. The #WIPL would deliver mandatory reforms in girls’s cricket and would guarantee an all-encompassing ecosystem that advantages every stakeholders,” the 34-year-old additional added.


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