Rinku Singh rides on luck and ability in the Asian Games

Rinku Singh
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If you were to ask fans what their favourite IPL (Indian Premier League) moment from 2023 was, many would surely highlight Rinku Singh’s incredible feat of smashing five consecutive sixes. The 25-year-old cricketer from Aligarh became the centre of attention in every Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) game throughout the IPL 2023 season as a result of his accomplishment. In that season, Rinku Singh amassed 474 runs at a remarkable average of 59.25 and a brilliant strike rate of 149.53.

This excitement persisted throughout India’s visit of Ireland, Rinku’s maiden overseas duty. “Rinkuuu… Rinku” was a common shout in Dublin, and in the three-match T20I series, despite only getting one chance to bat, he had a huge influence by scoring a match-winning 38 off 21 balls.

Rinku finally received the call-up to represent India after years of grit and determination; it is a moment he will always treasure. He remarked, “We had a camp in Bengaluru before the Ireland tour, and it felt amazing to finally be part of the Indian national setup. I first saw my India jersey before leaving for the tour from Mumbai, and I was overcome with emotion. I gave the BCCI logo on the shirt a kiss before showing it to my mum through a video call. It felt fantastic to have what I had been working so hard for throughout my life right in front of me.

The ability to find boundaries on both sides of the pitch is one of Rinku’s best attributes as a batsman. Despite having a smaller frame than other finishers, he nonetheless carries a significant punch because of his strong base and precise timing. Rinku said that Suresh Raina is his hero and has given him wise counsel. He advises me to allow myself some time while I’m batting in the IPL. You can hit the ball later in your innings if you have the confidence, according to Rinku. Similar advice from Mahendra Singh Dhoni, who emphasised hitting straight and responding to the ball rather than overanalyzing the bowler’s moves, has also been given to him.

The poise with which Rinku approaches the batting crease is yet another impressive quality. He credits self-belief, controlled breathing, and the capacity to block out distractions and focus completely on the present moment for his maturity under pressure. “You need to relax yourself. You cannot simply assume that you will destroy everybody who approaches you. You need to keep your nerves under control because elite bowlers are competing. He said, “Belief is everything. Rinku commended Abhishek Nayar for encouraging him to practise yoga and helping him achieve this serene demeanour, emphasising the value of settling in at the crease.

The Asian Games in Hangzhou will be Rinku’s next test. He will compete there as a member of an Indian team that is relatively inexperienced and is coached by Ruturaj Gaikwad. While the Asia Cup and the impending ODI World Cup are now the main events, Rinku is certain that both selectors and supporters will keenly follow the Asian Games as well. He acknowledged the importance of winning a gold medal for China and expressed delight about the thought of competing there.

Rinku might very well be in contention for the upcoming T20 World Cup even though he isn’t currently in the running for the 50-over format. That tournament is nine months away. He does, however, passionately believe in living in the present, much as when he is at bat. Despite how exciting it is to think about representing India at a World Cup, he keeps things in perspective by saying, “I’ve just played one international series so far and will have to embrace any opportunity I have. I might be selected for the T20 World Cup in 2019 if I do that. To be honest, I don’t give future events much thought. If one does that, things frequently get disorganised. Nothing written can be stolen.

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