Positive Reception to New IPL Rule on Bouncers

Sandeep Sharma
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The inclusion of the rule allowing two bouncers per over in the current edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL) has garnered appreciation from players, particularly bowlers like Sandeep Sharma from the Rajasthan Royals.

Impact of the Rule Change

Sandeep Sharma expressed his approval of the new rule, highlighting its benefits for bowlers in providing more variations and options to unsettle aggressive batters. He emphasized that the rule would prevent batters from accurately predicting the bowler’s strategy, keeping them on their toes throughout the over.

Psychological Impact on Batters

According to Sandeep, the introduction of two bouncers per over puts batters in a dilemma, as they have to factor in the possibility of another bouncer from the bowler. This uncertainty makes it challenging for batters to commit to their shots, even after the bowler has delivered one bouncer.

Technical Advantage for Bowlers

Sandeep Sharma elaborated on the technical aspect, explaining how the rule benefits bowlers by allowing them to maintain control over the situation, even if they haven’t executed a bouncer yet. This, he believes, gives bowlers an added advantage and enhances the effectiveness of their bowling strategy.

Preparation and Adaptation

The seasoned IPL bowler emphasized the importance of clear planning and mindset in adapting to different bowling situations. He highlighted the significance of practicing various deliveries, including slower bouncers, yorkers, and death bowling, based on the role assigned by the team management. Sandeep stressed the need for bowlers to align their practice sessions with their designated bowling responsibilities, whether in the powerplay or during later stages of the innings.


Sandeep Sharma’s insights shed light on the positive impact of the new rule on bowling tactics and strategies in the IPL, emphasizing the importance of adaptability and preparation for bowlers to excel in different match scenarios.

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