Is there a chance for Sri Lanka and Pakistan to qualify?

Sri Lanka
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Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and Netherlands all currently have four points from six games, putting them in a similar position. While their situation is challenging, mathematically, it’s still possible for two teams to reach 12 or more points, and up to seven teams could be in contention with eight points, fighting for two spots. Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and Netherlands could still finish with 10 points. However, given their previous performances and upcoming matches against strong teams like India and New Zealand, their chances of progressing to the next stage are slim.

How does Afghanistan’s victory over Sri Lanka affect their chances of finishing in the top four?

Afghanistan now has six points from as many games, and if they win their remaining three matches, they will reach 12 points. Since only four other teams can achieve 12 or more points, Afghanistan has a fair chance if they reach 12. Their next match against Netherlands should be winnable, but their last two games are against Australia and South Africa. Even 10 points could give them a chance if other results favor them. However, Afghanistan’s current net run rate of -0.718 might work against them if it comes down to run rates, as the top four teams all have NRRs exceeding 0.95.

What are Pakistan’s chances going into their game against Bangladesh?

Pakistan’s campaign has been challenging, but they still have a mathematical chance of finishing in the top four, and potentially even third place if other results go in their favor. They can’t catch up to India’s 12 points, but if New Zealand, South Africa, and Australia each lose a few games and don’t go beyond 10 points, Pakistan could contend based on run rates. Even if Pakistan loses, they could still be part of the eight-point battle mentioned earlier.

Will 14 points be enough for qualification?

Yes, a team with 14 or more points will qualify for the semi-finals. Only India, South Africa, New Zealand, and Australia have the potential to reach 14 points or more, which means that a win against Sri Lanka on Thursday will secure India’s spot in the semi-finals.

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