In WWE Clash at the Castle, the former Universal Champion won the big match, defeating his enemy, breaking the losing streak in the premium live event

WWE Clash at the Castle में सैथ रॉलिंस ने शानदार मुकाबले में रिडल को हराया
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Seth Rollins vs RiddleWWE Superstar Seth Rollins faces Matt Riddle at Clash at the Castle. In this tremendous match, excellent action was seen from both these superstars and due to this the fun of watching the match was doubled. In the end, former Universal Champion Seth Rollins defeated Matt Riddle in the match to win a premium live event after a long time.

Matt Riddle and Seth Rollins face off at WWE Clash at the Castle

In WWE Clash at the Castle, Seth Rollins and Matt Riddle attacked each other fiercely as soon as the match started. During the build-up of this match at Clash at the Castle, Seth Rollins and Riddle had emerged as each other’s arch enemies and this is the reason that these two superstars leave no stone unturned during this match. wanted to leave.

Let me tell you, this match went on for a long time and at the end of this match both these superstars were tired and crushed. However, despite this, both these superstars did not stop fighting. Let us tell you, during this match, Seth Rollins also tried to play mind games with Matt Riddle using the move of his mentor Randy Orton. In the end, Seth Rollins ended the match pinning Riddle after stomping him from the second rope.

This victory of Seth Rollins is very special and this is the first time after Royal Rumble 2022 that Seth Rollins has won in a premium live event. It will be interesting to see whether Riddle is going to get a rematch against Seth Rollins in the coming times or whether the rivalry between these two superstars has ended with this match.

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