Former Australian Legend Declares: Mohammed Shami Claims Siraj’s Spot

Mohammed Shami
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Mohammed Shami, the Indian fast bowler, has displayed outstanding bowling form during the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023. Despite missing the first four games, he has returned with impressive spells, taking wickets in his recent matches.

Shami’s ability to swing and seam the ball both ways, coupled with his capacity to generate substantial pace, has troubled both left-handed and right-handed batsmen. His effectiveness has transcended all phases of the game.

One of Shami’s remarkable attributes in this World Cup has been his consistency. He has delivered long spells of accurate bowling, minimizing loose deliveries. Moreover, he has maintained a consistent pace throughout his spells, making it challenging for batsmen to score off him.

Mohammed Shami exceptional form with the ball has played a pivotal role in India’s success in the World Cup so far.

Conversely, Siraj has encountered difficulties with his rhythm since the tournament’s outset, securing only six wickets in as many games with an average of over 47.

Former Australian all-rounder Shane Watson weighed in on the matter, suggesting that Shami could potentially replace Siraj as India’s second pacer after Jasprit Bumrah. Watson stated, “It’s a fantastic dilemma for India to have. It’s a sign of a team in incredible form, where all players are performing at their best. In my opinion, Shami has earned his place over Siraj in the last two games due to his incredible performance.”

“When Shami is at his best, as we saw against England, he’s exceptionally challenging to play against,” Watson continued. “He can beat any batter both on the outside and inside, and due to his precise length, he consistently threatens the stumps. He constantly keeps the batsmen on their toes, posing questions,” he added.

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