Emerging Trends in the Home Services Industry

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Consumers in the home services industry turn to the internet when looking for local companies. They type “local home services” or “near me home services” into their search engine to find reliable businesses. 

Startups and disruptors are reshaping the home service sector. Those who can tap into these trends will produce better quotes for their customers, stronger leads for their business and more growth opportunities for the entire industry. 

Online On-Demand Home Services 

The emergence of online home service platforms is helping to expand the industry as customers seek convenience and speed in their interactions with providers. This is particularly true with millennials, who run their homes like businesses and view their time as a precious commodity. 

In addition, many traditional home services companies are outsourcing some or all of their sales and marketing functions to agencies that can promise better results and higher return on investment. This trend is especially beneficial for smaller home service businesses that may not have enough work year-round to justify hiring a full time employee in these departments. 

Another important factor influencing the growth of online on-demand home services is the increasing use of technology in the field, which allows technicians to quickly and accurately quote jobs and send invoices to their clients. This helps customers save time and reduce the risk of error in their interactions with home service providers. This is also helping them improve customer satisfaction and drive loyalty. 

Energy Efficiency 

As consumers become more environmentally conscious, they are seeking home services providers who prioritize sustainability in their operations. This can be seen in everything from using eco-friendly cleaning products to installing energy-efficient appliances and systems. 

As the COVID-19 pandemic waned throughout 2022, consumers put an emphasis on getting their homes in tip-top shape, boosting demand for home service providers. This trend is expected to continue into the coming year, as consumers focus on tackling all those home improvement projects that they’ve been putting off. 

The home services industry is thriving, with 47% of providers reporting a business growth rate exceeding 10% annually. To remain competitive, businesses need to offer consumers convenience and choice, and provide them with the ability to manage their own home maintenance schedules. This can be achieved through online platforms such as Angie’s List, HomeAdvisor, Thumbtack, Handy, Porch, and more. These platforms enable consumers to easily find, book, and pay for home services through a single platform, providing them with a seamless experience.

Social Media 

Homeowners are looking for ways to make their homes unique and reflect their personal styles. This is driving growth for businesses that offer things like custom cleaning services or home design consultations. There is also a growing interest in energy efficiency and sustainability which is fueling demand for companies that install EV charging stations or offer home insulation and energy audits. 

Online booking platforms are allowing consumers to easily find and schedule services, which is reducing their overall costs and time spent on home service tasks. Consumers are also increasingly seeking out greener options when it comes to their home, which is resulting in an increased demand for eco-friendly cleaning products and energy efficient HVAC systems. Home warranty companies in New Mexico can cover HVAC systems so upgrading to energy efficient ones can be very beneficial. It is important to note that all companies’ coverages vary, so be sure to check your individual warranty plan. 

This paints a picture for home services companies that is both exciting and challenging. With 80% of customers saying that a company’s customer service is just as important as their products and services (Salesforce), providing exceptional customer experiences will be crucial for success in the industry. 

Hyper-Local Advertising 

Home service businesses should use hyperlocal advertising to reach consumers who are searching for the services they offer. The key is to be able to target the search terms used by customers, such as “pizza delivery in [town].” This can be done with search ads, and a business should also seed relevant content throughout their channels. 

With new technology, consumers will soon be able to request home service providers using voice recognition software and even upload a picture of a household fix they need to receive an instant quote. These innovations will produce faster and more accurate quotes for customers and stronger leads for home service businesses. 

As a result, established home service businesses should be open to collaborating with startups and disruptors in order to grow. These companies are using their tech, data, and unique service offerings to reshape the industry, and established businesses should be willing to learn from them. This will lead to more efficient and customer-centric operations, and increased profits.

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