5 Exciting outfits presented during the collaboration for Free Fire Max

5 आकर्षक ऑउटफिट (Image Credit : Garena)
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Top 5 Attractive Outfit : Free Fire Max keeps adding new items to the game every day. The outfits and bundles inside the game are what attract the players the most. Every outfit and bundle is made with design. Gamers can add these items to the collection and use them on the field. So, in this article, we are going to look at 5 attractive outfits that were introduced during the collaboration with Free Fire Max.

5 Exciting outfits presented during the collaboration for Free Fire Max

5) Cyber ​​Bounty Hunter Bundle – CR7

The in-game Cyber ​​Bounty Hunter bundle in Free Fire Max was introduced in December 2020. It is based on Cristiano Ronaldo (CR7). This faded wheel was added to the event. List of rewards in this bundle:

  • Cyber ​​Bounty Hunter – Head
  • Cyber ​​Bounty Hunter – Mask
  • Cyber ​​Bounty Hunter – Top
  • Cyber ​​Bounty Hunter – Bottom
  • Cyber ​​Bounty Hunter – Shoes

4) Saitama’s Pajamas Bundle – One Punch Man

Free Fire Max has a unique outfit called Saitama Pajamas bundled inside the game. This was added during the collaboration. It was included in Luck Royal in January 2021. List of reward present in this band:

  • Saitama’s Pajamas – Head / Mask
  • Saitama’s Pajamas – Top
  • Saitama’s Pajamas – Bottom
  • Saitama’s Pajamas – Shoes

3) Plan Bermuda Bundle – Money Heist

Money Heist collaborated with Garena’s developer inside the game in Free Fire Max in September 2020. In this collab, the players were provided with the Plan Bermuda bundle. Apart from this, this bundle was seen again for some time in December 2021. This is an attractive outfit made with red theme.

2) Indigo Bundle – Justin Bieber

A few days back in Free Fire Max, the developer of Garena celebrated the 5th anniversary. On the special occasion of this celebration, the developer presented unique and cosmetic prizes to the in-game players from August 5 to August 13.

The Indigo bundle is the most amazing outfit in this game that was added during the collab. It was introduced at the Mystery Shop event, which was getting 90% discount from the developer.

The bundle is the most expensive J.Biebs outfit that gamers can wear on the field to look like Justin Bieber.

1) Soldier Nightmare – BTS

Free Fire Max included an in-game BTS exclusive bundle in March 2022 during a global collaboration. The unique loot of this bundle is what attracts the players. List of rewards in this bundle:

  • Soldier Nightmare – Head
  • Soldier Nightmare – Mask
  • Soldier Nightmare – Top
  • Soldier Nightmare – Bottom
  • Soldier Nightmare – Shoes

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