4 Legendary WWE Superstars Who Previously Worked Under Different Names

WWE से बाहर दिग्गज अलग नामों से काम कर चुके हैं
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WWE: Everyone wants to achieve success after coming to WWE. Some superstars are completely successful in this, while some do not make a big name. After coming to WWE, some superstars have to change their name, while some work in WWE with their real name.

There are many legendary superstars in WWE, who used to fight under another name before joining the company. So in this article we will talk about 4 legendary superstars who used to fight with some other name before coming to WWE but very few fans will have any idea about it.

4- Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns can be considered as the biggest superstar of WWE at present. He currently has the undisputed WWE Universal Championship and fans love him. He made his WWE main roster debut in 2012. He was also a part of NXT for the first few months.

During this, he was seen only by the name of Roman Rance. However, Roman improved his skills while working for FCW, WWE’s old developmental brand, for a long time. During this, he used to work under the name of Leakee. Later he chose an iconic name for himself, which is on every fan’s tongue today.

3- The Rock

The Rock is considered to be Hollywood’s biggest superstar at the present time. However, he has also been able to make a big name for himself in WWE. Rock did not start his career with the same name. Actually, he was earlier seen as Rocky Maivia. Prior to this, he also worked under the name Flex Kavana.

Later he changed his name and also changed the character. After that his luck completely changed. He then captured the World Titles and also appeared in the main events of WrestleMania. Due to this change, he has become a big star in Hollywood today.

2- The Undertaker

The Undertaker made his WWE debut in the year 1990 and was a huge success as soon as he arrived. However, before that he had to struggle for a long time. He worked for many other promotions including WCW. During this time he had to constantly change his name.

He mainly appeared as The Punisher, Red Texans, Mark Callous. He later adopted a unique gimmick in WWE and became a huge fan of his. For this reason, he ruled the wrestling world for the next 30 years and also achieved great success. Taker’s contribution to WWE has been immense.

1- John Cena

John Cena has won the World Championship 16 times in WWE and is recognized all over the world. Right now he does not appear regularly in WWE and he is working in Hollywood. Let us tell you that before coming to WWE, his name was something else. He has appeared in OVW and some other promotions.

He was known as The Prototype at that time. The name was strange to hear but he used to play a different gimmick. However, after coming to WWE, his name changed and then gradually he went on to achieve success. Today he is counted among the megastars of the company.

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