You may need missed the prophecy in episode 9 titled "Home of the Dragon."

Rhaenys' dramatic dragon-assisted escape from King's Touchdown was the main focus of Home of the Dragon episode 9's abrupt and dramatic conclusion, which was comprehensible.

However actually, it should not have come as that a lot of a shock, as a result of we had been informed it was going to occur. The issue was, the phrases had been spoken by a personality no person listens to.

Okay, let's return a little bit bit.After King Viserys's (lastly) demise is confirmed earlier within the episode, Queen Alicent tells her son Aegon that he would be the new king by going in search of him.

Her first cease is her daughter and Aegon's sister/spouse (yep), Princess Helaena Targaryen. Princess Helaena, you could keep in mind, is a bit odd. She performs with bugs, she does not say a lot, and when she does it usually seems like random nonsense.

Within the scene in query, Alicent visits Helaena and is about to inform her of her father's demise when Helaena immediately interrupts, whispering, "There's a beast beneath the boards." 

"Hand turns loom, spool of inexperienced, spool of black, dragons of flesh weaving dragons of thread," sings Helaena beneath her breath on the funeral of Laena Velayron. 

Does dragons of thread imply banners, as an illustration? Or may it imply pretend Targaryens, referring to Rhaenyra's sons? Troublesome to say, however based mostly on Helaena's monitor report it looks as if we'll discover out quickly sufficient.