How can Pakistan still go to the semi-finals?

After losing to Zimbabwe, Pakistan's T20 World Cup team is almost out, but it is not completely out.

The Pakistan team still has a chance, but it will also depend on how other teams perform.

Pakistan will begin the tournament with a match against the Netherlands before facing South Africa and Bangladesh, both of which Pakistan must win. Pakistan will be eliminated from the race with just one more defeat. They would be out immediately if any of these three were to lose.

Understanding the dependence on other teams is now necessary. The best case scenario would be for India to advance if Bangladesh beat Zimbabwe and South Africa.

The Pakistan team then defeated the Netherlands.India will gain 6 points as a result. Zimbabwe will have three points, while Bangladesh will have four.South Africa will get three points, while Pakistan will get two.

Pakistan must defeat Bangladesh on November 2, Zimbabwe must defeat the Netherlands, and Bangladesh must defeat India.

After this, Pakistan ought to defeat South Africa on November 3. India will have eight points, Pakistan and Bangladesh will have four points, South Africa and Zimbabwe will have three points, and so on.