Harbhajan Singh compares Hardik Pandya with Viv Richard

while praising Hardik Pandya, former Indian player Harbhajan Singh compared him to Sir Viv Richards. 

The positive thing for the team here is that Hardik Pandya has a swag. 

He has confidence, he walks like Viv Richards. The way he hits sixes assures that yes I am. He has shown strength in his innings. 

Even after the victory in the Indo-Pak match, some shortcomings have been seen, in which KL Rahul’s dismissal on the very first ball is a big problem. 

But Harbhajan, while defending him, has clearly said that there is nothing to worry about. Even if the top order of the Indian team has not been able to perform well. 

Kohli may have scored runs at a slow pace but it will get better in the coming matches.