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Gamethon MVP Contest: Adding New Dimension in Fantasy App

Gamethon MVP Contest
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Because there are now three different formats to choose from, the format of T20Is has made a big difference in how international cricketers used to play their favourite sport. Even though it is extremely difficult for the majority of players to switch from the shortest format to the longest format or vice versa, some of the best teams in the game continue to dominate and prosper despite the challenges that international cricket presents.

At the moment, only a very small number of cricketers from each nation compete in all formats of the sport, making them the sport’s leading global ambassadors. Perhaps the majority of them are also once-in-a-generation team players who are admired for their outstanding sportsmanship.

After every match one can evaluate the most valuable players of that match. Based on the players performance in that match and the fantasy points a player might have got, one can easily tell who was the most valuable wicket keeper, Batsman, All rounder and Bowler.

Using a bit of cricketing knowledge, if you can predict the these 4 most valuable players of the match before the match starts can win you jackpot. We yes you heard it right.

Best fantasy app in market that is Naya 11 app has launched a new format that is Most Valuable player of the match. It is adding new dimension to a game. Let’s see what is new in this that makes it so exciting.

What’s New

For More information you can Visit here: MVP Contest

  • A Player who scores highest fantasy points are MVP of the match.
  • You can create your Most Valuable Player team from the match by choosing 1 Wicket Keeper, 1 Batsman, 1 All Rounder and 1 Bowler. You can also join with multiple teams to improve your chances.
  • Each match having 4 MVPs that is 1 Wicket keeper, 1 Batsman, 1 All Rounder and 1 Bowler, which are declared at the end of the match based on the most fantasy points.
  • You can win jackpot prize if all your selected player match with most valuable player.
  • If you have only three correct matches, you can also win bumper prize.
  • Prize pool increase with the number of people participate increases. If no winner in a match, then a part of that prize pool is added to the next match of that same format of the game. Thus prize pool keeps adding up till there is no winner.

Watch full detail about MVP Contest


Some of the few questions about Gamethon MVP contest as below:

What is MVP Contest?

MVP stands for MOST VALUABLE PLAYER Contest. In MVP contest you choose only 4 players, 1 from each category. 1 Wicket keeper, 1 Batsman, 1 All Rounder and 1 Bowler.

Why this is better contest than the others?

You have to choose only 4 players, you can choose multiple teams with different combinations. Prize money here increases if no jackpot winner, so a loss cover opportunity.

How are MVPs decided?

MVPs are decided after the match is completed and based on points. Highest points of a player in each category is the MVP for that match.

How many MVPs in each match?

4 MVPS in each match. 1 Wicket keeper, 1 Batsman, 1 All Rounder and 1 Bowler.

What are the prizes in MVP Contest?

JACKPOT Prize – when all your players match with the MVP after the match and BUMPER Prize– When any 3 players match with the MVP of the match after the match.

How is the winner decided?

If you MVP team has all 4 MVPs after the match, you get JACKPOT Prize, If you have any 3 of the 4 MVPs then you are winner of BUMPER prize.

How many MVP teams can I make?

You can make multiple MVP teams to improve your chances, and join with multiple teams.

How are the MVP players chosen?

MVPs are chosen based on the actual performance of the players in the match. The player with highest points in each category is the MVP.

How may can win the MVP contest?

There is no cap on the number of winner, everyone is winner as long as they have the same players as the MVPs. If there are more players with amount will be distributed equally between the winners for Jackpot or Bumper prize.

How is the prize pool decided?

Prize pool is based on 2 parts. 1st Part is the total collection, so more the people joined, more is the prize pool + 2nd part Carry forward amount from previous match prize pool if no Jackpot winner. So prize pool every match increase every time there is no jackpot winner.

What is meaning of “carry forward amount”?

Carry forward amount from previous match prize pool if no Jackpot winner. So prize pool every match increase every time there is no jackpot winner.

To which match is the carry forward match added to?

Carry forward amount is added to the next match oft hat same league. Example – T20 matches carry forward amount is added to the next T20 match, similarly for IPL, ODI, T10, Bigbash, IPL, etc.

How will I know how much is the carry forward amount?

The prize pool will always show the current winning as per the people joined. The carry forward amount will be added only during final prize distribution. The carry forward amount can be seen in results in that contest if you have played that contest.

When is the carry forward amount added to prize pool?

Carry Forward amount is added to the prize pool only during the prize distribution and after the end of the previous match of the same league.

Should I play every MVP match?

If there is no jackpot winner, then the balance prize pool amount is carry for the next match, so if you miss playing the next MVP, you might loose the opportunity of a big prize money.

Can I make multiple options of MVPs?

Yes you can make multiple MVP teams and join with multiple teams. This way you are creating multiple opportunities and improving your chances of hitting a jackpot.

What if the jackpot is not won on a match by any user?

A part of that un won amount is added to the next match MVP contest while prize distribution.

Is this lottery system?

Although the system of increasing winning prize is like lottery, but the way of choosing winners is based on players performance in the match. Hence this is not a lottery system.


This forecast and expertise to pass judgment on a match close to precision have involved incredible significance after the coming of the best fantasy application Naya 11. Every one individual who love foreseeing the presentation of cricketers in a match and have adequate data on the ongoing structure and history of cricketer’s favour dream sports applications to feature their abilities. Adding new aspect to dream application makes it really interesting. It likewise improves research capacity of an individual. Most Valuable player contest or MVP contest as it is demonstrated in gamethon application, is the most productive challenge coming off to the market that adds value to fantasy app.

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