Funny Summary India vs HongKong Match in Hindi and English

Asia Cup 2022: India beat Hong Kong by 40 runs, become second team to enter Super-4
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Funny Summary India vs HongKong Match in English

Today was the match between India and Hong Kong. It seemed as if a deer had been matched to a hungry lion. Everyone eagerly waited for the fireworks. It felt as if God listened to the prayers of Fans, and his captain Rohit Bhaiya lost the toss. And got batting. When their opening pair landed on the field, felt that now it is 250 crosses. But Rahul Bhaiya was batting in his own world. Rest easy, Slowly Slowly. But Rohit Bhaiya was determined to take advantage of the opportunity today. But could not take much advantage and got out for 1 six. But the fans was also happy to see Virat Kohli coming. Today Kohli became the king and started filtering. But when Surya Kumar Yadav came and he dominated.

So much shadow that even AB de Villiers should be shy. Right left up and down I don’t know where. Fours and sixes everywhere. Enjoyed it brother. And India’s innings ended 192/2, it was the turn of Hong Kong’s innings. And the opener started filtering. But he left without doing much. The second wicket came from Sir Jadeja’s throw. Looks like no one told the Hong Kong captain. Stand straight inside the crease as soon as the ball hits Jaddu’s hand. Otherwise, the silent throw hits the stumps directly and you go back to rest. The knot seemed to be from Hong Kong with passion. 50 killed by Avesh on behalf of Hong Kong. Virat Bhaiya also opened his hands and bowled 1 over. Kohli was a better bowler than Avesh. In the end, easily won the match and reached the next stage. The next competition will again be that of father and son. of India and Pakistan. And then hope that the father plays like the father. If you enjoyed reading then do share it.

Ravindra Jadeja
Ravindra Jadeja Throw

Funny Summary India vs HongKong Match in Hindi

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