Best betting sites in Bangladesh

Best betting sites
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Are you looking for the best online bookmaker? Do you know how the companies operating in Bangladesh work?

Sports bookmakers are a great alternative to entertainment for those who want to distract themselves from their daily routine. 

But entering the world of sports betting requires research and analysis to choose the best operator for you from all betting site Bangladesh. On our site you will find the best ratings and rankings of the big companies in the industry, including the biggest bonuses, with frequent updates.

  • Welcome bonuses can take many forms and offer more or less favorable terms. Knowing the basic houses and rules is the key to making good sports betting.
  • In addition to bonuses, the variety of sporting events, their markets and betting odds will determine the outcome of the guesswork.
  • Understanding the use of payment methods and possible commissions is also necessary to increase the possibility of profit and enjoyment.
  • Our materials explain these and other aspects about the best betting sites, so they will help you choose the sports betting operator that best meets your needs.

Best betting companies in Bangladesh

Before we tell you about the best sports betting sites in Bangladesh, it must be said that all mentioned operators are regulated and reliable. Our choice was made after a thorough analysis of each platform and based on criteria important to players.

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The regulatory and licensing process in the country goes through a strict legal system. Below we detail the legal aspects and situation of sports betting in Bangladesh.

Since the legislation is relatively new, it is not surprising that more and more companies want to operate in Bangladesh. We therefore recommend that you refer to our materials frequently to keep up to date with all the updates.

Because there are more betting companies in Bangladesh, players have a greater variety of sports betting services. The competition means that players benefit from improved products and therefore have more choice.

When it comes to betting, you need to be careful when evaluating companies to choose a safe option where you can bet and have fun.

Online betting: facts and figures

Some doubts may arise the moment you decide to bet on sports or even when choosing an operator. And since choices based on facts tend to be more certain, we will present you with some interesting data.

To make it easier, we will give you some important information. After all, why should you enjoy sports betting and what makes it an object of attention and attraction for more and more bettors?

Increase in the number of operators in Bangladesh

After the legalization of sports betting, more and more companies want to secure their place in Bangladesh. And, of course, the winners are the players, who now have more options when choosing a sports betting company.

Thus, the idea that more and more sports betting companies are operating in Bangladesh is not wrong.

Increase in the issuance of sports betting licenses

The licenses issued by Curaçao, Malta and Gabraltar have now increased even more. Without them, operators cannot maintain a platform in the country. Therefore, if players choose to gamble legally, which is what is recommended, they can only have fun on gambling sites with valid licenses.

And speaking of practical matters, what’s the point of having more operators for betting if they’re not all right with their licenses, right? When it comes to licenses, it’s worth noting that there are two classes: one for sports betting operators and one for gambling operators.

Bangladesh has proven to be a fertile ground for new sports betting companies, and we can expect new operators in the future.

Increase in gross revenue from online gambling and betting

With more sports betting sites operating in Bangladesh, players can place more bets, whether they are beginners or experienced players. This 47.5% increase in gross online gaming and betting revenue is a comparison between the first quarter of 2019 and the same period in 2020.

Based on this information, it is easy to understand why more and more sports betting companies want to enter the market. Bettors have never had so much fun betting on sports, and these numbers are indicative of just such interest.

An increase in player registrations of 25.8%

As sports betting becomes more and more popular, we should expect the number of users to increase over time.

Therefore, the increase in player registrations also indicates that Banshendians are becoming more and more interested in the entertainment of betting on sports.

Whether it’s recommendations from friends and relatives or even greater knowledge or trust in sports betting platforms, the sector is on the rise thanks to public interest.

Variety of sports

It’s no news that sports bettors prefer to bet on cricket. After all, it is the most popular sport in Bangladesh and elsewhere in the world. This sport attracts the largest volume of sports betting.

However, many people may not know what sports come right after cricket in terms of popularity. Let’s list the other top three sports that move sports betting players:

  • Basketball – 11.12% of bets;
  • Tennis – 9.12%;
  • Hockey – 2.53%;

Despite this trend, it is important to note that some sports, such as cybersport, are gaining in popularity. Therefore, cybersports participation in sports betting is likely to increase in the next few years, although they are still not an option at many licensed betting companies in Bangladesh.

Best bookmakers with bonuses

Sports betting operators usually provide welcome bonuses for new players. This way, you can place even more bets with extra money in the player’s account.

We’ve highlighted three good operators to talk about their sports betting welcome bonus offers and what they have to offer players. The sports betting companies chosen are Betano, Bet365 and Betway.

All details and information can be found in full on each of the platforms. We recommend reading the full Terms and Conditions (T&C) of the offers to make better use of the bonus.

We’ll start by introducing the most expensive bonus. Please note: The bonus offering the most money is not necessarily the most advantageous. Consider other factors, such as wagering requirements and more.

Betway – 3000 BDT bonus on 3 deposits

The distinguishing feature of this welcome bonus is that it offers players benefits on their first three deposits, the common one being an exclusive offer on their first deposit.

The player will receive a 100% bonus on their first deposit. You can get up to 2,000 extra BDT to your account. The second deposit offers a 25% bonus and can earn up to 3,000 BDT. The third deposit guarantees an additional 50% and provides the player with up to 5000 BDT.

LineBet – 5000 BDT bonus + free bets

Linebet bonus is only valid for the first deposit and guarantees up to 5,000 BDT extra on new players who take advantage of the offer. It is exclusively for sports betting.

Rollover requirements to be eligible for withdrawals are available. With this offer, players can’t help but get even more resources for entertainment.

Bet365- 5000 BDT free bonus + promotional odds

Like Betano’s welcome bonus, Bet365’s offer also guarantees 50% of your first deposit as a bonus. It must also be used exclusively for sports betting.

Its rollover (betting requirements) is the most difficult of the three. It will take more knowledge (and, why not, luck?) to qualify to withdraw the bonus and winnings.

if you are best in prediction then Mostbet Bangladesh is for you.

Which deposit methods are most popular in Bangladesh

When it comes to choosing which operator you will be betting with in sports, pay attention to this topic. After all, deposit methods (and, consequently, withdrawals) must be accessible and easy to use.

Important note: Sometimes the deposit method chosen is not compatible with the withdrawal method. Some situations require that the withdrawal be made by the same method as the deposit.

It is important that the owner of the player’s account is the same as the owner of the bank account, credit card or any other method chosen by the bettor. Otherwise, your enjoyment may be limited by the inability to make deposits and withdrawals from the player’s account.

It is also important to know the minimum and maximum amounts for each transaction, depending on the method and operator. Usually, a gambler can easily find this information.

In case of difficulties or problems with transactions, always contact the support team and ask for help from the sports betting site team.

Credit cards, debit cards and prepaid cards are good alternatives for those who want a quick transaction. The process is very similar to online shopping, which is no longer uncommon in the daily lives of bettors, especially younger ones.

Payment processing times are usually short. This means that the money goes straight into the player’s account and he can start enjoying sports betting. Pay attention to your card flag and make sure it is accepted by your chosen betting operator.

Bank transfer allows you to quickly and easily transfer money from your bank account to a player’s account.

Electronic wallets and payment systems are interesting methods for those who are already familiar with the technology and know good operators working with the platform you want to bet on.

These are safe and fast methods. However, payment platforms may require proof of identity and address, which initially makes the transaction a bit more bureaucratic than others.

3 tips for choosing the best bookmaker in Bangladesh

The choice of a sports betting operator is very individual. When analyzing a betting platform, each player has a preference for sports and markets.

Nevertheless, below we will share some important tips when choosing a place to enjoy sports betting.

  1. Read articles about betting operators and find out their reputation in the market.

On our site you will find up-to-date reviews of the best betting operators on the market.

If that is not enough, talk to more experienced friends and relatives and ask them to tell you about their experiences in the betting world and with Bangladeshi operators.

Compare what you read with the assessment of people who already work in this field. If you don’t know any bettors, watch videos of famous bettors, read their texts and draw your own conclusions.

  1. Go to sports betting sites and see how they work and what they have to offer

This tip is just as important as the first. Nothing is as important as your own evaluation and conclusion about the operator’s products and services. What does it have to offer? Is the platform easy to use? Can it meet your needs as a gambler?

Every detail matters when it comes to evaluating a platform. Stay tuned and make an informed decision when opening your player account.

  1. Pay attention to additional services

Often bettors only pay attention to sports, betting markets (types of bets that can be placed), the welcome bonus and other offers.

But there are other significant points: payment methods, customer service, the quality of the platform on mobile devices (mobile version of the site and applications) and more.

The quality of the house is about the whole, not just the basic services it has to offer.


Is it legal to bet in Bangladesh?

Yes, it is legal to bet on sports in Bangladesh, but only at licensed betting shops. In order to bet, you must be over 18 years old and register with a bookmaker’s company that has a license to operate.

What is the best bookmaker’s company in Bangladesh?

It is difficult to answer this question categorically, as each sports company has its own characteristics and the profile of the bettor may be different. So we can only advise you to do a good research to find the operator that fits your needs.

How can I find out if the bookmaker is licensed in Bangladesh?

The bookmaker’s website should have a notice of license on it.

Do I have to pay taxes on what I earn in betting shops?

No. The bettor is exempt from paying taxes because the government already taxes bookmakers. 

How can I withdraw money from online sports betting sites?

You must withdraw the money using one of the payment methods available on the site. Generally, the payment method is related to how you made the deposit.

What are the most popular sports among sports bettors in Bangladesh?

The most popular sports among sports bettors are cricket, football, basketball, tennis and hockey.

How to bet on cricket?

To bet on cricket, you need to register on the online betting site you prefer. After that, you simply research your favorite league and make predictions.

What do online betting odds mean?

Online betting odds are probability odds that determine how much a bettor can win for the invested amount if the prediction is confirmed within a sporting event.

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